31 March 2020 CANCELLATION Edition!!

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We are ASSUMING every class and event is canceled…..

STAY HOME like you have been asked to do.  The faster you and your neighbors comply.. the sooner we can resume a more normal lifestyle.

If you are doing dance lessons on line and using YouTube… Here are a couple of hints you may find useful….

There are many keyboard shortcuts at YouTube. The shortcuts that slow down and speed up playback are SHIFT+, and SHIFT+. (SHIFT-COMMA and SHIFT-PERIOD).

Other useful ones are:

  • Pause/Play ==> Letter k or spacebar
  • Skip fwd/back 5 seconds ==> Left arrow key and Right arrow key
  • Skip fwd/back 10 seconds ==> Letters J and L
  • Restart at beginning ==> Home or Number 0 (the one in the top row of the keyboard)
  • Volume up or down ==> Up arrow key and Down arrow key
  • Mute/Unmute ==> Letter M
  • Captions on/off ==> Letter C

Peter Blaskowski

LINE DANCERS! I will see you this Thursday, and every Thursday this month via Zoom for dancing and lessons. I promise to keep working on the sound 🙃 Please join me. FREE! 7-9 pm Pacific. ($5 tips welcome Venmo @Candy-Sherwin, but not necessary!) Meeting ID for every Thursday 869-684-092 Please feel free to share.

Some can see one from Jamie Marshall at her FaceBook page…


ATTENTION: Since the CV crisis is fluid, we are accessing each of our dances as we get closer to the date. Please check our page on and Facebook for updates. 

Dancers, we are taking a survey on the Atlanta Country Nights Facebook page. Our question is when we get the "green light" to be able to get out and dance again, will you go dancing right away or be more likely to still stay home? We'd like to have your input?  As of 3pm on March 31st, 100% have said they'll get back to dancing as soon as they can. 

CANCELLED!!!! The April 4th dance at Atlanta Dance has been cancelled!

The next West Georgia Country Nights will be Sat night, April 25th  - The Duke Coley Band will be playing the music. The Duke Coley Band is a long time favorite band in Carrollton. Great country music and a touch of classic rock to dance to.   Tickets are now on sale at the West Georgia Country Nights link below.  Get advance tickets at

Since Kemp's order of bars and nightclubs yesterday is affecting most or all of our artist shows, please check for any upcoming nights of country music where the venue is still open. 

For the latest country music news, locally and nationally, the latest in major concerts coming to Georgia, pictures, videos and more, always go to

Thanks for your support

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Stay well and ISOLATE... We will get through this... :)

Dave Williams